MSc in Integrative Ecosocial Design
Gaia University

Richard Kühnel

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This area of the web site contains the survey portion of my MSc program in Integrative EcoSocial Design (IESD) at Gaia University. This mind map (requires the Mindjet MindManager viewer) gives a full overview of the degree project.
I attempted to gather, investigate and research the key information that is relevant to this project. Using a mind mapping software and process (Mind Manager), I have identified seven main areas.
Not everything mentioned in the project mind map or within this report will be actually happen or implemented within the one year masters program or at all. Some things might be left out completely, some only partly implemented and some in following years. This has various reasons - it might be too time consuming to be practical at this point, too expensive for our budget to realize or not really needed in the context of the project. Also, it became quite clear that the different phases of the design are overlapping.
For a short description and explanation of the functions and navigation options of these web pages and the mind map, please refer to the Help menu on the left.

Topic Summary

Learning, the first part, delves into the expectations I have in regards what I want to learn. One goal of this output is to build upon the format and layout of the career review and extend it, add new elements and hopefully do this with every consecutive output. This output adds the use of mind maps, more linking, photos, drawings and the capability to download documents.

book cover, natural remodeling

The Designing section explores design models including from software engineering and project management, as well as the model provided by Carol Venolia and Kelly Lerner in their book "Natural Remodeling for the Not-So-Green House".

The Parameters section covers the project definition, specification and scope. It includes the personal, social as well as economic context within which this project is realized, specific and overarching lifestyle design goals and data in regards to the location of the project's property.

The Tools & Results section lists tools, methods, resources and provides access to the results of the survey phase of this project.

The Evaluation section reflects about the process of preparing the survey and its implementation as well as upon other, project related topics. A link is provided to the filled in self-evaluation and a brief outlook for the next steps.

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