MSc in Integrative Ecosocial Design
Gaia University

Richard Kühnel

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Implementation I

book cover, Gaia's Garden Topic Summary

The Scope page talks briefly about what this part of the implementation phase is about and how it is different from the previous phases. The intentions for this phase are stated, the main results noted and the questions raised in the feedback from the internal review of the survey output are answered.
The book "Gaia's Garden " by Toby Hemenway, who today lives in Portland, Oregon, developing urban sustainable resources, covers in an excellent way, from a permaculture point of view, one of the main aspects and goals of this project's phase - urban gardening as a key element of sustainable living.

The Reflections section goes into greater details in regards to some implementation aspects, including the need to alternate between implementation, design and analysis, the issue with some tasks and why they are postponed, the challenges that have been encountered, like issues around hired help and project planning.

The Planning portion includes updates to the project and financial plans, more planning challenges, and potential for future work party events, forming a support group, contacting more experts, working with the mentor, situation of the advising and learning group interaction and the documentation efforts and process.

The Results give details on outcomes or provide links and documentation of some of the major tasks that have been completed in text and as slide shows.

The Evaluation reflects about the process of preparing this output, personal challenges, summary of what was dropped, postponed and why. Additionally a link to the filled in self-evaluation and a brief outlook for the next steps are provided.

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