MSc in Integrative Ecosocial Design
Gaia University

Richard Kühnel

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Final Review

This output is a comprehensive look at my learning journey, from beginning to end with the IESD (MSc in Integrative Ecosocial Design) program at Gaia University and the development of my chosen project. This includes different types of "yields", insights and results.

Topic Summary

The Vision and Intention for this project and how it relates to my life's journey is brought into focus as a starting point and foundation on which this project is built.

The Bringing It All Together page surveys the purpose of this output and what it covers.

The initial Learning Plan compares in a summarized form the original learning goals with what learning has been taken place.

The Results give an overview of the outcomes during the duration of the program. They include realized elements and tasks, work in progress, and reflect on aspects of sustainability and some particular challenges and breakthroughs along the way.

The future Learning Map lays out a learning map for the coming years.

The Reflections address a wide range of topics, including expectations, challenges, methodologies and strategic value and benefits to the field of this work.

The Planning section reviews the project management and budgeting for this program's duration and looks at the design and planning framework for the coming years.

The Evaluation reports on aspects of preparing this output, including what was going well, gives a brief outlook for the next steps and has a link to the completed self-evaluation.

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